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Organic Search Ranking for Painting Companies

Homeowners and business owners often need to hire a painting contractor for new projects or regular maintenance. SEO for painters puts your company website at the top of local search rankings on sites like Google or Bing. This allows potential clients to find your business first, which drastically increases your chances to get them as a lead and a sale.

Authority is an important part of local SEO. Setting up a Google Business Profile gives you the opportunity to rank on Google Maps, and it also creates a respected location for customers to leave reviews. When your company is the first result and your listing has a lot of positive reviews, it instantly gives authority to your business. This often provides the trust needed for a client to contact you and decide to use your services.

Interior and exterior home painters as well as decorators will benefit from a local search marketing strategy. Once we know the services you offer and the cities you want to target in your region, we can create custom content for your site so your site shows up for specific keywords. This traffic is then converted into a lead on your website, so you can follow up with them to turn them into a paying client.

Grow Your Painting Contractor Business With SEO

It can be a challenge to simply maintain a busy schedule for a painter. Once you paint a house for a client or help to decorate and remodel the exterior of a building, they likely won’t need your services again for years. You’ll need a fresh source of new leads on a weekly basis to keep your crews busy with minimal downtime.

This challenge becomes amplified even more if you’re trying to grow or expand. SEO is the perfect solution to both ongoing leads and business growth. The longer you pursue organic search engine rankings, the better your results. ROI actually increases long-term with this digital marketing method.

Our expert SEO services let you target specific local cities, nearby towns, and other geographic regions. This is then combined with the specific services you offer like “house painting” or “deck staining”. The result is extremely targeted leads in your service area that are eagerly looking to hire a company to paint something specific.

Professional painter contracting painting the living room in a house

On-Site Website SEO

Your painting company website is the heart of your SEO campaign. While good search rankings won’t happen with on-site optimization by itself, it is an essential component. If your website isn’t optimized for a variety of paint service related keywords for your local area, other SEO efforts won’t matter.

There are a lot different parts to your painter website that need to be optimized to put yourself in the position to obtain the top search rankings. The content of each individual page matters. SEO goes way beyond that though. Your site as a whole is considered too. Are all pages on the site about one specific subject? How do all of the individual pages connect to each other to organize the information into smaller segments?

On an individual page, elements like the title, description, media, headers, and the actual text are all key factors that can make or break your search position. Keywords are important too, but this is really where search engine optimization is lost for those that are inexperienced.

Selecting the keyword phrases to target and then implementing them into your site in a natural manner is the part that often presents problems. Overusing your targeted phrase can actually be bad and harm your rankings. This is one particular area where we excel – we’re experts in on-site optimization, keyword research, and keyword targeting.

Site Structure

How your site is built matters including the way pages are organized and link to each other.

Keyword Usage

Targeting relevant phrases for your service region and types of work is necessary for search rankings

Page Elements

Everything on the page is considered including the title, pictures, text, and much more.

Niche Focus

Painting companies shouldn't need to worry, but your site should be all about paint, projects, and services.

Off-Site SEO: Backlinks & Authority

With a properly optimized website, there is one other major factor to SEO that is needed to get top rankings and a lot of traffic – authority. In the most basic form, your website’s domain name has an authority rank. Many years ago, this used to be known as Google PageRank. They don’t publish this number anymore, but there are a lot of sites like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMRush that provide their own authority metric for both the entire domain and individual pages throughout your site.

Domain authority is affected by a variety of factors. We’ll use the old PageRank system as an explanation here, since there’s a decent chance most of this is still relevant information for Google search rankings. Each individual page had a base rank of 1. Linking to other pages passed PageRank. As a site creates more pages, a portion of the PageRank gets transferred to the main pages like the homepage. This allowed larger websites to be more powerful in rankings than smaller sites.

Modern website authority ranks are more about the links that connect one website to another. When your site links to another site (outbound), it passes some authority. When it receives a backlink from another site, it gains authority. It worked the same way with PageRank too, so the sites with the highest authority were the largest sites and/or those with the most authority passed through backlinks.

To get the best rankings, you’ll need to build your domain authority with backlinks. This isn’t a numbers game that is about quantity though. 1,000 backlinks can have less power than 10 links. What really matters with an inbound link is the authority of the referring site and niche relevancy. Business citations, a strong social media presence, and positive business reviews can also be helpful to boost authority.

With all of that said, your objective as a professional painting company should be to gain high-authority links and backlinks from relevant sites.


Technical SEO & Website Speed

Even though on-site and off-site SEO are the two most important areas, there’s a third area of optimization that really shouldn’t be ignored. Valid code in your website design and the speed of your site are two general ranking factors. Ignore them and your site will rank lower than it could. In many cases, you really only need to perform technical optimization of your site once unless you make major design or hosting changes in the future.

Search rankings may be your goal at the moment, but this particular area of SEO can actually provide other benefits for your business. The amount of time that it takes pages to load on your site is extremely important for many reasons in addition to search rankings. Using CDN services like Cloudflare and page caching can help, but this isn’t enough for full technical optimization.

When your site is slow to load, you’ll have higher bounce rates (when a visitor comes to your site but immediately leaves without interacting or navigating). This is a cascading effect that trickles down into the most important goals of your site – leads and sales. Lead conversions are lower, ROI is reduced, and sales are also lower when you have a slow loading website for your company.

The best way to handle this is to design the website the right way from the start. Otherwise, you may need to hire a company that specializes in technical SEO. No matter what issues you have in this area, SEOGCS can fix them. We can also provide advanced schema coding for a wide variety of purposes to enhance your search listings with special SERP features that can gain additional rankings and traffic for you.

Web hosting is important too. Budget, shared hosting accounts that cost $30 or less per month are likely slowing down your loading times.

Local SEO & Google Maps

For a commercial or residential painting business, your revenue comes from actual work projects. Since you have to go to the client to paint, your marketing focus should be on your city and possibly other cities nearby. Some on-site SEO areas allow for local keyword optimization, but it actually has nothing to do with rankings on Google Maps.

To show up on Google Maps, you’ll need to register your painting company with a Google Business Profile. Provide as much information as possible about your business in your profile listing to give yourself a strong starting point.

Once your listing is setup and live, you can start to rank for searches. However, these rankings can also be improved more. A lot of this will be beyond your control though. Your review rating and the number of reviews is a strong factor that determines your placement. You should encourage customer reviews from your satisfied clients to help raise your review count faster.

We have specific strategies we use to help improve these rankings, but we cannot reveal these tactics to the public beyond these general tips. Our SEO clients receive the full benefit of this service though.

Expert SEO for Painting Companies

SEOGCS is a full-service SEO agency that specializes in painting contractors. We can take handle all of the important ranking factors for you to help you achieve your ranking and business goals. Whether you want to improve existing rankings or pursue #1 rankings for high competition keywords, we can accomplish it for you.

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